1 # Size is not uniform over the entire length of the finger. Keep this in mind. Ring should damped pass through the thickest pond.

2 # Weather and pressure changes can have an effect on the thickness of the finger. During the summer when it’s hot usually increases the diameter of your finger.

3 # If you want to buy a wide ring (from approx. 5 to 10 mm), select the size of 1 bigger than usual.


The best way is to go to several jewelers to measure finger ring by special measurers. Why a few? Because different jewelers may use different measure tools.

The second way is to measure with the caliper. Just take your favorite ring and measure the exact diameter (turning and measuring in each position).

NOTE never measure your finger!

The last way : make some paper strip with a width of the ring and try to wear it on your finger (remember about the thickness of the ankle). When you get the right size cut strap and measure its length – it is circuit of your ring.

After measuring check the size in the table below.

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