Frequently Asked Questions. If you have others, please contact me, happy to write back.

1. Do NORDWOOD RINGS are waterproof?

I try my best to make them most durable. They are resistant to water you can wash your hands in them, take a quick shower, but do not expose to contact with detergents – it can damage the finishing. See Section 2.

2. How much are NORDWOOD RINGS resistant?

Bentwood rings are very strong and risk of breakage in normal wear practically do not exist. You can enjoy them for years to make it so, remember that you should avoid:

3. What materials do I use?

Store at reputable companies. Full list of wood species from which I make my rings is available in the About -> MATERIALS. Remember that the rings need to perform a lot of work, but little of the material, so that I am friendly environment I produce almost no waste!

4. How are packed rings?

Normally I pack rings in special, small boxes. It looks very nicely, so no worries you can give the ring person you love.
I also offer wooden boxes, check in my shop.

5. Do I send abroad?

I ship over an Europe. Contact me to estimate shipping costs for your country.

6. How to order?

Orders can be made via e-mail. The title of the message ORDER”. The text entered: name of the collection; The exact name of the product; Ring Size; Ring width. If you want to order a ring according to your wishes please contact me.

In the return message you receive data to transfer, which must be made within 3 days of placing the order.

Within 10 working days of payment realizing order. Why so long? Implementation of personalized bentwood ring requires a lot of time, attention, concentration and accuracy. Thanks to this you can be sure that it is unique. I put my whole heart into this work.

Note before ordering, make sure that you know the exact size.

7. What are the shipping costs?

Rings are sent through the Polish Post Office, by registered letter or parcel priority.

The cost of shipping one piece is 5 euro. For each new art to be added 2 euro. (Europe)